Angela Vines

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Hood College
Angela Vines

Major(s): Business Administration; Marketing; Public Relations

Favorite class abroad: Analyzing & Exploring the Global City

This class gave me the opportunity to truly learn about the city I was living it and to see it from a different perspective. I ended up a resident of Dublin and not just a tourist. I got to experience the history of the city in a compelling way and I left the class with the knowledge and desire to share with others the Dublin that I learned about and experienced.

Study abroad highlights: One highlight from my time abroad was being in Dublin on one of the most important years in recent history with the 100 anniversary of 1916. The amount of history I got to encounter was outstanding and the knowledge I gained about Ireland as a country is unmatched by anything I learned in school.

Another highlight for me was the opportunity and ease with which i could travel outside my program location of Dublin. I got to see the majority or Ireland on my trip and a couple other European countries. Picturesque places, some older than America itself. However, the biggest highlight of my trip would be the people I met. I made friends not only from all over the United States, but all over the world. I formed bonds with people from different cities, and religions, and backgrounds. I got to experience and adapt to different cultures. I will forever be thankful for the relationships I formed through CAPA study abroad.  


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