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LNDN HSCI 3120 Syllabus

Comparative Healthcare Systems

This course will introduce students to the healthcare system in the UK and the context within which it operates. It will start by looking at the introduction of the National Health System (NHS) in 1948 and take students through the key changes that have taken place right up to the present day. Drawing on a series of cases studies, students will be able to compare the UK model of healthcare with other healthcare systems such as in the USA, France, Sweden and/or from low and middle income countries. Students will explore a range of key concepts and themes in comparative healthcare from a multidisciplinary perspective. They will also develop critical appraisal skills to assess the quality of evidence used to support developments in healthcare policy and practice and help students to look critically at the role that governmental and non-governmental organisations play in healthcare.

LNDN HSCI/HIST 3121 Syllabus

Global Perspective on Nursing and Midwifery History

The course will focus on major influences in the development of nursing practice from the perspectives of medical, nursing and midwifery history. Case studies will be drawn from London, the UK and continental Europe, with comparative perspectives from the rest of the world where appropriate. Topics will include the impacts of social change, evolving attitudes to care, and the role of the Enlightenment, French Revolution and American Independence, as well as the transition from Agrarian to Industrial Society in shaping cultures and practices of nursing care. The course will also consider the specific contributions made by Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Mrs Bedford-Fenwick to nursing practice. The course will examine the ways in which religion, philosophy, ethics, law, sociology and economics have affected clinical practice and their influence on the professional role and practice of nurses and midwives. Students will be encouraged to reflect on the historical changes that have had a particular impact on patients, their families and the wider public.

LNDN INTR/PSCI 3355 Syllabus

Global Perspectives on Human Rights in Action

The notion of human rights has become central to global politics today. It is not a single subject but a broad field of potential investigation: this intensive seminar provides a multi-disciplinary introduction to the topic, critically examining the politics of human rights, their contentious nature and uneven global implementation. Throughout, the focus will be on practical issues and the contested politics of human rights in action through a range of topical case studies. Students will evaluate key debates about the politics and morality of human rights, analyze and explore the theoretical foundations of human rights concepts and topical issues relating to human rights from a variety of global, regional and local perspectives. The course critically examines the history and development of concepts of human rights and the philosophies underpinning them, as well as current frameworks of international human rights law and the relationship among current debates in human rights, political power and social injustice. Topics to be covered will include human rights and international relations; humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect; postcolonial and feminist critiques of human rights; the intersection of human rights with gender, sexuality, ethnicity and class; the relationship between human and civil rights; women's, children's and indigenous peoples'; rights; and the practical implementation and enforcement of human rights.

LNDN COLT 3311 Syllabus

Post-War British Pop Culture

This course will look at some key theories of popular culture, and include case studies of selected examples from the British Isles since 1945. The main aim will be to enable students to think independently about this topic. It will compare British and American experiences of popular culture, the differences, similarities and cross-influences. This course is available both as a semester and a four-week summer intensive. Please note that the syllabus is for the full semester program. The syllabus for the four-week summer intensive is currently under development and will be available soon.

LNDN CWRT 3310 Syllabus

Travel Writing

This course is designed to offer students the opportunity to study and practice the art of travel writing. There are a variety of readings, many of them focused on London and its environs, and most, but not all, from contemporary travel writers. This summer, Travel Writing will be taught by award-winning travel writer Michael Meyer. To learn more about his published works, click here. This course is available both as a semester and a four-week summer intensive. Please note that the syllabus is for the full semester program. The syllabus for the four-week summer intensive is currently under development and will be available soon.

LNDN PSCI 3121 Syllabus

Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful Conviction is a universal problem that in recent years has received a great deal of attention from the media, legislatures, and courts around the world. From the Netflix series The Making of a Murderer to the NPR podcast Serial,there is a growing fascination with how people are wrongfully convicted and the processes and procedures used to right these wrongs. This course is taught by a law professor who has spent his career litigating wrongful conviction cases and directing the California Innocence Project. It is designed to provide students with an overview of the issues and case law related to wrongful convictions through the use of interactive exercises, lectures, readings, videos, and case studies.