Virtual Global Custom and Faculty-Led Programs


As part of our ongoing support for remote study abroad and global education, CAPA has launched creative online solutions for faculty-led and custom programs. Virtual custom and faculty-led programs with CAPA empower institutions to internationalize their curriculum while supporting students and faculty from home in the US. This customizable online programming provides institutions with access to a rich network of academic resources abroad, allowing for cross-cultural learning for students and for professional collaboration for faculty.

Just as with in-country custom programs, CAPA will collaborate closely with each institution to determine the learning goals, content, geographic focus, and course delivery unique to each program. The following enrichment models of virtual custom and faculty-led programs are examples of how CAPA can support your goals for internationalization in an online space.

Virtual Custom & Faculty-Led Programs

Co-Curricular Enrichment  

Faculty members from your campus teach their own courses, either online or in person. To complement the existing curriculum, CAPA coordinates co-curricular activities focused on specific topics and themes. Virtual activities could include remote guest lectures, professional site visits, narrated tours, workshops, and more.

Professional Development Enrichment  

To support professional development from an international context, CAPA arranges internship placements for students, as well as mentoring, oversight, and instruction of CAPA’s Global Internship Course. Alternatively, CAPA can coordinate small-group consultancy projects working with an international organization, plus activities like guest panels, professional site visits, and more.

Co-Teaching Course Instruction Enrichment  

Faculty members from your campus and local CAPA faculty based overseas co-teach courses. The co-teaching model includes professional development opportunities and collaboration for faculty, and CAPA will work closely with you to develop course content and delivery.

CAPA-Led Course Instruction Enrichment  

Local CAPA faculty based overseas teach courses on behalf of your institution. CAPA will work closely with you to develop content and offerings, which could include an entirely new course or an adaptation of an existing CAPA course on offer.

Hybrid Enrichment  

For a more robust online global curriculum, your faculty align their course dates with CAPA online programs, so students can access a CAPA remote internship or online course while also taking courses through their home campus. CAPA will also provide virtual co-curricular activities for your faculty’s course.

Sample Programs

4-Week Co-Curricular Enrichment Program  

A US faculty teaches a course on art practice and for global comparative perspective, CAPA provides themed talks with local artists and virtual museum tours from around all 5 CAPA locations.

2-Week Professional Development Enrichment Program  
A US faculty member teaches a business course to honors students, which CAPA supplements through guest lectures, a business panel, and a business consulting project with CAPA-identified company.
14-Week Co-Teaching Course Instruction Enrichment Program  
This fall semester course is co-taught by an economics professor based in the US and a CAPA faculty based in Australia. It focuses on crises like the COVID-19 pandemic or Australian bushfires and features guest lectures from experts in disaster events. Learn more about this program on the CAPA World Blog.
5-Week CAPA-Led Course Instruction Enrichment Program  
While this program is normally run in-person from Ireland, CAPA Dublin faculty pivoted to develop and adapt two distinct courses on Irish History and Art to teach remotely to students in the US.





Each of CAPA’s virtual customized and faculty-led programs includes the following:

  • Collaborative Program Development between institution and CAPA
  • Academic collaboration between CAPA international staff and faculty, allowing for US faculty professional development
  • Dedicated US-based Program Manager to assist with marketing and recruitment, application materials, student and faculty advising, and pre-program webinars
  • Detailed program calendar and collaboration for scheduling
  • Access to CAPA’s Virtual My Global City Calendar, a series of co-curricular cultural activities
  • Grade report or SOR transcript if applicable
  • Oversight of program delivery and success throughout the program
  • Program orientations
  • Program evaluations


Learn More: Download the Sample Themes, Disciplines & Remote Activities

Virtual Enrichment Programs FAQ:


Why online study abroad?

Online programming responds to not only travel restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the emerging needs of today’s students, and thus strives to create more inclusive and accessible learning opportunities. Students undertaking an online course or remote internship are able to travel virtually, connecting with faculty and mentors in CAPA locations. They inhabit the academic and cultural spaces of their virtual destination, which embodies the value of ‘studying abroad’ and brings with it many of the intellectual, personal, and professional benefits that studying in-country brings. This online experience may also become preparation for an in-country program later in their studies or perhaps as a timely entry into an increasingly global workforce.


Are my students or faculty traveling?

Generally, virtual faculty-led programs are taught from the US, primarily online, and the CAPA curriculum and activities you will access will always be virtual. Institutions and faculty can have access to these online resources from wherever they are physically located, and no travel is required. Alternatively, if you are interested in an in-country custom program based in Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, London, or Sydney, see how CAPA can support your academic, logistic, and risk management needs here.


Since the program is virtual, am I limited by location?

No, CAPA will work with you to determine how our resources abroad can suit your learning goals. For example, a language, culture, or area studies course might focus on a particular CAPA global city or geographic region, whereas other courses might approach a discipline from a cross-cultural context and pull activities from multiple CAPA centers.


How long are typical programs?

We are flexible when it comes to the dates and duration of custom programs and support January-term, Summer, and semester-long programs. Please note that programs with internship or service-learning placements have a minimum duration of 6 weeks.


What technology do you use?

CAPA’s Globally Networked Learning technology connects students to a global network of learners to gain transnational perspectives on various subjects. The objective is to go beyond teaching about globalization to teaching globally. Through technology-enabled virtual classrooms in CAPA centers abroad, videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, and the Canvas Learning Management System, CAPA enables student collaboration across borders and brings international dialogues back to the home campus in the US. For virtual faculty-led programs, most institutions use their own Learning Management System.


Are virtual programs synchronous (live) or asynchronous?

CAPA’s virtual customized and faculty-led programs will likely include a combination of synchronous and asynchronous elements. CAPA’s academic technology allows faculty to incorporate synchronous and asynchronous activities such as online class meetings, chats, forums, webinars, etc. Co-curricular activities may also be live or pre-recorded with reflection elements.


How do I get started?

Our team will collaborate with you and your institution to create your ideal online global program. Throughout the process, we will keep to your own internal university deadlines, policies, and budgets. We are happy to present you with program proposals that capture all your desired inclusions and/or provide additional materials that will help you better envision the experience you and your students will have on the program.






Why Partner with CAPA

By becoming a CAPA Affiliate, your institution will receive a variety of benefits to assist your office and your students. We offer institutions the advantage of access to all our program locations without the need for a minimum cohort. Your institution can issue their own credit or accept credit from one of our School of Record institutions.


Our institutional relations team is here for you to discuss partnering with CAPA.  


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