Abigail Crain

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Missouri Baptist University
Abigail Crain

Major: English

Favorite class abroad: Irish History & Culture

I learned so much about Ireland's history that it made me appreciate the rich and deep culture of the city in which I was studying. We took many field trips around the city, so I gained an even greater appreciation for Ireland and all it is than I had before. As a result of the personal impact the class and its imparted knowledge had on me, I have even made plans to hopefully learn the Irish language.

Study abroad highlights: My favorite parts about going abroad were interacting with the locals and learning the culture by exploring Dublin city and all over Ireland. I was able to learn about Irish history not just from a class I took but also by exploring almost daily, just getting to know my way around the city and falling in love as the days went on. Being the small island that it is, Ireland had so much to offer in ways of trips and traveling throughout the country; I truly felt as if I got to see and appreciate nearly every area!

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